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Rafał Chudy
Bin Mei
Frederick Cubbage
Jacek Siry


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On behalf of our authors, reviewers, editors, scientific board members, and supporting institutions – we warmly welcome you to the inaugural issue of The Journal of Forest Business Research (JFBR). Establishing a new journal that addresses serious issues in academic publishing requires some explanation and justification. In this editorial feature, we describe the purpose and focus of the JFBR; and discuss the benefits of being a Journal reader; reviewer; and prospective author of scholarly research articles, review articles, and opinion pieces. Our goal is to accelerate scientific and practical discourse around local and global forest business issues by creating a unique platform for exchanging ideas supported by high standards of the peer-review process. Since we committed to doing a lot of hard work to make this Journal a success, we hope that our efforts will contribute to the further development of the bioeconomy based on science-based management and the use of forest resources in meeting global society goals. Our goal for the JFBR is to become the premier applied scientific journal that covers forest investments, finance, and economics. This would be a unique applied forest investment journal in the modern era, drawing from broader approaches such as U.S. journals of applied forestry, European forest economics journals, and classical business management and case study journals. JFBR would be dedicated to the application of forest finance and business management to investments in forests for traditional commodity markets to new emerging objectives such as nature-based solutions, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) components, carbon offsets, or net zero market development. The next section describes why we decided to open a new journal. Then we summarize all the papers included in our first inaugural issue. Finally, we indicate how you can support our efforts.

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