About the Journal

The Journal of Forest Business Research (JFBR) is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal devoted to the science of sustainable business within the forestry sector. JFBR publishes original research and reviews about forests managed as investment with focus on forest investment, finance and business, forest-related industries and wood market dynamics, forest silviculture and management, and forest economics and policy.


JFBR provides a venue to promote scientific discourse and foster scientific developments related to the business side of responsible forest investments and management and sustainable forest-based industries.

JFBR also responsibly supports the forestry community by supporting young scholars. Every year, our Journal proudly sponsors the JOURNAL OF FOREST BUSINESS RESEARCH AWARDS, which recognize inspiring and outstanding forest business economics research presentations at forest-related conferences.

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The Journal of Forest Business Research welcomes contributions from numerous disciplines in forestry and related fields, which have clearly demonstrated implications for forest business, investments, and management. JFBR focuses on forest finance and business; forest supply chain and wood market dynamics; forest silviculture, management and planning, and natural resource economics and policy.

Examples of subjects that are within the scope of the Journal include, but are not limited to:

1. Forest investment finance and business

  • timberland investments,
  • forest finance,
  • portfolio management,
  • business structures and forest investment strategies,
  • conservation forestry,
  • corporate social responsibility,
  • ESG in forest investments,
  • sustainable business practices within the forestry sector.

2. Forest-related industries and wood market dynamics

  • wood markets,
  • wood-product trade and policy,
  • timber prices and forecasts,
  • production, consumption, and trade of forest products,
  • forestry contractors,
  • business leadership and organizational management.

3. Forest silviculture and management

  • intensively managed plantations,
  • natural and high conservation value forest management,
  • improved technologies for forest management and investments,
  • forest carbon and bioenergy markets,
  • agroforestry, silvopasture and biodiversity.

4. Natural resource economics and policy

  • forest economics,
  • risk, uncertainty, and decision-making,
  • policy and law,
  • natural resource and ecosystem service investments.

Publication frequency

Accepted articles are published after copyediting, proofreading and paid page expenses. Published articles are collected annually in two issues. An e-mail alert is sent after the publication of each issue.