Book review: “Forestland Investment Valuation and Analysis, 1st Edition”. 2023. By Bin Mei, and Michael L. Clutter. Routledge, London, England, United Kingdom. 230 p. ISBN hardcover: 978-1-032-43310-3. ISBN paperback: 978-1-032-43309-7.

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Steven H. Bullard


forestland investment, REITs, TIMOs, valuation


Mei and Clutter have produced what will become a seminal reference on the important topic of institutional investments in forestland in the United States. The book includes both theory and practical application of valuation and analysis concepts and techniques, and includes important insights into recent “real world” actions and events among institutional timberland investors. With a clear and succinct, journal-article style of delivery, the book summarizes the history and drivers of major institutional timberland ownership trends in the U.S., and reviews techniques and methods that apply to timberland valuation in theory and practice.

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